Developing With Flash CS5 for Adobe AIR on Android

Now that Adobe AIR is available for Android 2.2, it is easy to move your Flash games to Android’s app store and also to add functionality that takes advantage of things like the camera and GPS.

AIR stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime and was originally for

...building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex,
Adobe Dreamweaver (HTML or Ajax), AIR SDK, that can be run as 
desktop applications.

But now seems to be headed toward becoming an easy way to quickly develop powerful applications for smartphones, TV’s, car dashboards, tablets, big computers, tiny computers and everything in between.

Setting up your development environment

1. Get Flash CS5 (you can get a 30 day free trial at

2. Install Flash extension for AIR

3. Install AIR SDK

4. Install Android SDK

Step by step video instructions

Setting up your development environment with Flash CS5 and AIR for Android

More instructions for setting up.

Getting started with Adobe AIR for Android

Some AIR for Android examples

Build a GPS Speedometer

AIR for Android MazeFM Application

Air for Android: Geolocation

Simple camera application with Flash CS5 and AIR for Android

Publishing AIR for Android Applications to the App Store

The .apk file that is created for AIR for Android has the .swf file in the assets folder and an application.xml file in the assets/META-INF/AIR folder which works with the main AndroidManifest.xml file to set the programs application properties and how it should start (run the swf file).

Now it’s easy to move your Flash apps and games to the mobile market. Enjoy.

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