Revisiting – Alarmism and Super Intelligent AI Vs Humans

In my post from 2014

Alarmism and Super Intelligent AI Vs Humans

I wrote of the vast gap between reality and our technical ability to create a “super intelligent” AI. Recently there was a post at IEEE Spectrum by Henry Markram that so beautifully explains this gap…

Back around 2000 I worked in that corporate grey area between academia and corporate business at a research institute so I was able to gain access to all kinds of interesting groups. One in particular was trying to document the biology of a cell to the molecular level such that it could be fed into a computer in hopes that it could be used for simulations. Needless to say, it was a huge undertaking and without going too deep down the rabbit hole I’ll oversimplify it a bit by saying the part that I was interested in exploring and possibly help document was within a thing (an organelle) called the Golgi apparatus The incredible complexity and seeming chaotic, frenetic bubbling and churning of molecules shocked me. It was many orders of magnitude beyond what I had expected. I was humbled even more so than back in the early 80’s when it became apparent to a young, naive me that simply lumping together enough perceptrons would never magically suddenly become conscious. (I’m still rather naive, just not as young 🙂 )

While I believe that memristors may be a step in the right direction we are still very far away from making something that really acts like an actual neuron.
Dr Markram’s article is concise and gets right to the heart of the matter and it is refreshing to see in a more mainstream publication.
I highly recommend taking a few moments to read it.