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  1. My “Hand me down” Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop running on Windows XP had been running slower & slower until on last boot it got the Blue Screen of Death. I shelved it but, since I had not backed-up my Documents (Word & PDF) I would have liked them back even though the computer was toast. Did some internet searching and Dell support told of the “hidden partition” for system restore that would be nulified if trying to boot with a foreign Windows CD. (of course, the previous owner did not supply the original CD).I fired it up yesterday and got a black screen with “PBR 2 loading….done” message which appears to be fairly common. Dell promised that only programs and not Data would get wiped. Wrong. So Recuva found nothing on fast scan. On 4% into Deep Scan, all three attempts produced the Blue Screen of Death. I am not particularly good at techie stuff so I was looking for a quick fix to retrieve these simple documents (no music or photos). I read all of your articles, and understanding how to use Linux is beyond my capabilities. Do you know if the Blue Screen is being caused because it cannot jump over the bad sectors or partitions?

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